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Michele, Keith, and Eric come together to discuss some of their favorite tv shows.

Meet Your Hosts

June 8, 2017

MICHELE: Resident social media guru/site designer. Often found engaging in a lengthy, passionate rant about last nights episode of *insert tv show here*... Put her and Eric together and we could be here for hours. That's where Keith comes in. He's been designated the "get us back on track" guy. Lover of geek things, Michele's likes sometimes border on obsession, but hey, it's not like she has children to tend to or anything so it's fine if she spends an entire Saturday binge watching Stranger Things or decides to spend 7 days watching every Marvel movie ever made. She's a contributor to TV Source Magazine, writing recaps of Riverdale among other things. You can find her other writings on Fireside Chats with Mimi. Most times of the day, you'll find her on Twitter @mimic1019.

KEITH: Resident comic expert and overall geek fan. Spends his spare time dressing his daughter up as Harley Quinn, watching bad sci-fi/horror films, and finding the courage (and money) to get that Green Lantern tattoo he's always wanted. Typically randomly interrupting Michele because he's decided her turn to talk is over... or he isn't actually listening. Claims he hates everything, secretly loves it all.

ERIC: Spends a significant amount of time trying to convince Michele to watch tv shows starring Keifer Sutherland. Often can be found casting sarcastic remarks and bluntly honest opinions about his favorite tv shows and movies while his dog Bauer (yes, THAT Bauer), vies for his attention. Currently planning a wedding, though we're not sure how he convinced her to marry him.